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Technical info

This page will consist of  technical documents ranging from complete service manuals to miscellaneous info on various projects we come across online. If you have any issues with files below or would like to request something to be changed or added, just let me know.

This is my ultimate Subaru reference guide, it has everything from fluid types and capacities, touch up paint codes and numbers, reman part numbers to transmission code reference charts. Save it and use it!

2015 WRX FA20DIT

2002 GD V7 STI (JDM)

JDM 2002 V7 STI service manual

2002-2007 GD/GG service manuals (USDM)

2007 Impreza service manuals

2006 Impreza service manual supplement

2006 Impreza service manuals

2005 Impreza service manuals

2004 Impreza service manuals supplement

2004 Impreza service manuals

2003 Impreza service manuals

2002 Impreza service manuals

1993-2001 GC/GF Impreza service manuals (USDM)

2001 Impreza service manuals

2000 Impreza service manuals

1999 Impreza service manuals

1998 Impreza service manuals

1997 Impreza service manuals

1996 Impreza service manuals

1995 Impreza service manuals

1994 Impreza service manuals

1993 Impreza service manuals

JDM GC Impreza Service manuals


JDM GC/GF Impreza ECU Pinout charts


JDM 1995 EJ20G WRX (4 plug)

Non-Impreza service manuals

1983 Subaru EA81 1600 1800 service manual

1988 Subaru XT Service Manual

1992 Subaru EJ SOHC service manual

2001 Forester service manual

Subaru factory technical reference booklets

Tech Reference 4EAT phase 2

Tech Reference AC refrigeration

Tech Reference auto climate control

Tech Reference belt driven motor

Tech Reference chain driven motor

Tech Reference electrical advanced

Tech Reference electrical basic

Tech Reference electrical intermediate

Tech Reference engine theory diagnosis

Tech Reference five speed auto

Tech Reference fuel injection

Tech Reference manual split case

Tech Reference NVH

Tech Reference SSM3 diagnostic systems

Tech Reference steering suspension axle wheel

Tech Reference STI six speed

Tech Reference transmission theory and diagnosis part 2

Tech Reference vehicle dynamics and driver assists

Misc Subaru projects and how-to’s

EA aircraft dual ignition conversion

EA carburetor to injection conversion

EA81 aircraft drive conversion

EA82 service manual part 1

EA82 service manual part 2

E-CVT diagnosis part 1

E-CVT diagnosis part 2