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Concrobium Mold Control

8/7/20 by Joe

I dug out some moldy door cards to sell, I tried out some Concrobium Mold Control after seeing a few people use it on youtube and let me tell you this shit works great! Spray on, let it sit a minute, light scrub and a wipe. The really bad sections that had an ecosystem science project growing on it required three applications, but after the heavy stuff is scrubbed you can watch the brown/black muck drip right off. The product does leave a thin residue that protects from further mold growth, but a quick wipe with a cleaner or detailer will remove that. No vinyl or fabric was hurt in the making of these photos.

Prosoco Sure Klean 600

8/3/20 by Joe

Living with dirty wheels is pretty much a given when you’re tracking your car on the weekends, its inevitable when you daily with track pads, a habit im trying to brake. 

Ive tried all sorts of wheel cleaners, Adams, Chemical Guys, Meguairs, Sonax, P&S, Mothers and more. In the end i used Meguiars Wheel Brightener, which does eat into raw steel and after a season of using it on the car i found out it removes pad material from the outer face of the rotor, which re-beds that side every time the car is washed, thus it quite literally eats one side of the rotor and the pad that faces it. As time goes on i got lazy and started dailying with track pads, bad idea. Now i was faced with the absolute most stubborn brake dust you can imagine, with no products or brushes to swoop in and save the day.

Recently I found a little secret on the interwebs, when some detail shops get absolutely horrid wheels that their store brand products cant clean, they break out the big guns, acid. *insert Prosoco Sure Klean 600 here* This is an acidic cleaner (its not muriatic/hydrochloric acid) thats designed for breaking down/cleaning masonry byproduct on different surfaces like stone, brick, mortar etc.

This stuff seems to easily break down the binding component of brake dust, i tried spraying, brushing, splashing etc and dipped a brush to be applied directly to the wheel worked best. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes similar to instructions on the bottle, and get out a little brush for a little scrubbin. I used both plastic and boars hair brushes without issues, the toothbrush i used dissolved in my hands, so dont brush your teeth with it. But a little elbow grease mixed with this stuff just about made the wheels look new again, it was definitely worth the money and skin burns!

Before: Crud
After: Clean