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Welcome to Project Car

The Project Car idea was started as a way for me to keep track of personal projects ive had over the years, stemming from journals on forums such as With the invasion of facebook in recent times thats led to the downfall of most forums, ive decided to put my work into a website/blog format. Here you’ll find DIY’s and write-ups that ive gathered from years of reading forums and websites, working with members of various car communities as well as my own personal input from working in the auto industry my entire life. Project cars are what we’re all about, whether its american, german, or japanese, its a プロジェクトカー.

Use the menu at the top or right hand side of the page to navigate the site

3/24/23 Update

Ive been slacking last year with posting updates, i am adding things to the site such as new projects you can check out HERE as well as updating my parts pages, number reference charts and adding new pics to my galleries. I spent a lot of time learning some CAD processes as well as working on my own parts to build and sell, so thats going to be the the focus going through the rest of the year. Some easy fun parts like fog lamp kits for GCs, rad and hood scoop shrouds for GC/GD/GR platforms and im also working on some composite body parts for a few cars as well.

9/22/21 Update

So with covid bottle-necking the entire world for the last year and a half, ive had the opportunity to travel, drive and build some fun stuff, so ill be working on adding everything to the site piece by piece. Ive also had a few people provide feedback to the Wire merge guide, some even finishing their swaps with it, so that will be updated as well.

11/16/20 Update

So this summer i was laid off from my job, in combination with breaking my foot (on the job of course) i had some time to work on things at home and in the garage. I decided the only real challenge ive never tackled with cars was bodywork, mostly because of the time involved with getting things correct but later i found out that money is also a big drawback of doing your own bodywork. So i spent the last two months practicing on minor issues around my impreza wagon and as of three weeks ago i tackled painting the entire car, by myself, at 3:45am. Read about it by clicking the image below:

8/3/20 Update

The first post on the Reviews page is a slick trick for cleaning some absolutely gnarly wheels, check it out here

6/20/20 Update

Ive been working on a spreadsheet that will be at the top of the Tech Info page called “Subaru Parts and Charts” that has everything you’ll ever need for Subaru parts reference. Bolt sizes to touch up paint, fluid capacities to batteries, reman axles to trans gear ratios and more. If its not on this chart, you dont need to know about it! Its uploaded in XLS (Excel) and will be on a google shortly. Im currently working on the bolt threads/lengths page, if you have any info that you’d like to see you can send me a message but only if you’ve personally confirmed the data yourself, im trying to keep this guide 100% accurate.

4/24/20 Update

The tech info page has quite a bit of content and i will be adding more in the coming days as im working on a quick reference spreadsheet for part numbers, fluid capacities, part numbers etc for most modern subaru models.

Pages with project and video content will be updated once i can get around to editing a ton of video that can be organized and hosted online, that may not be until summer.

Parts projects for sale will be uploaded soon as im currently going through my garages of parts to make room, for more parts.

The page with my swap wiring guide is about halfway done, im working on some photos right now and the spreadsheets with pinout/wire information are being buttoned up, im still looking for anyone currently doing a swap to provide feedback as i dont have any swap’s planned out soon.

Stitch welding an Impreza coupe
Fabbing a seat of S2000 seat rails using OEM sliders
Disassembling an EJ20K for bottom end bearing inspection
Flocking the dash on my Impreza wagon
Working with Suby Solutions at NEFR for Frog Rally Racing
Working with McParland Motorsport at Mid Ohio
Id have my driveway look no other way

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