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1994 Impreza LS wagon

This is my daily driver. After finding bad rot in the strut towers on my forester i set out to find another car, preferably a wagon and i wanted to swap this one. After a few two’fers at Chilis one night a friend of mine found this in Philly for $500, and after a few handshakes and PA’s stupid notarized paperwork nonsense i drove it back to NY, only to have the motor fail a few weeks after. At that point the Forester was still being driven so i gutted this to a bare shell to prep for the swap, wiring harness was done first, followed by building the engine and trans, then finally id swap out the suspension from the forester into this. The forester already had GD subframes/suspension, so just a few small things were changed like brake lines and rear top strut mounts.

Ill get a list of modifications when i can figure out what all ive done to it, because to be honest ive touched every single nut, wire and body panel on this thing so its quite an extensive list.