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2016 Crosstrek

This was the first new car ive ever bought, thus was the biggest monetary investment ive made to date. Even though its a daily (yes, CVT) i couldnt leave it stock so naturally i had to fiddle with suspension and some body parts. Ive added the JDM front lip, rear spoiler and rear diffuser, German side skirts, as well as adding a Nav headunit and STI antenna. I also decided to remove the roof rails and replace them with Impreza trim, keeps the roof looking slick.

As of March of 2021, the car now has 98,000 miles and is on its second CVT, because Subaru CVT… However, i just took a 6700 mile road trip, across 21 states using 300 gallons of gas, and it never missed a beat! This is definitely a slow but fun to drive daily and ive been happy with it for the most part.