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2013 Scion FRS

Every once in a while a deal comes across your lap that you cant pass up, this was one of those. A friend of mine happened to have wrecked his FRS that he spent lots of time/money building, made for track days its got lots of use on it at 100k miles but i did the work and maintenance on it over the years so i know the work was done correctly. I offered to give him his buy back from the insurance company so he handed over the car with a bunch of spares and now im the owner of a FRSBRZGTGRthing.

Back in 2015 Subaru released the japanese market Ts model of the BRZ in Sunrise Yellow, and i was hooked. Later down the line an updated Series Yellow was offered with new bumpers/lights, brembos and some interior bits. Ive wanted a yellow BRZ since that car came out, and this car is 100% going to become a yellow BRZ. Since its cheap and already totaled, its going to be a track rat/product development car for me, since covid ive been working not only on cad design but manufacturing methods as well, and ive spent a ton of time getting it right to the point where im working on parts to build/sell and this gives me another popular platform to work on.