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2001 Forester S

In between a few trucks and cars i owned, i was looking to get another subaru but i wanted a wagon. Until this point i havent ever owned a wagon, and after playing with this car for a few years, you cant ever beat one for a daily, and dont give me that “but a hatchback..” nonsense.

I picked this up winter of 2015, bone stock from a dealer in VT with 220 something thousand miles on it. It failed inspection for rust and needed axles and head gaskets, so i drove home in a blizzard on bald tires, blew up an axle and followed a Korean tour bus down the NY state thruway at 70mph in 8″ of snow. From there on out, i started throwing parts at it and driving it harder and harder. Eventually i started doing track days and racing autocross with it, winning some local events as well as regional, two big ones were back to back Wicked Big Meet and Boxerfest non-turbo class wins, both times running ET’s quicker than some swapped cars even making 100hp at the wheels

Over couple years i had it before the rear strut towers rotted, it made dozens of trips to the Tail of the Dragon, dozens of track days and hundreds of thousands of miles until i dismantled it April of 2018 with 305k miles on it.